S. Karcevski et R. Jakobson, grammairiens de la langue russe à l'époque du Cercle linguistique de Prague


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Fontaine, J. (2022). S. Karcevski et R. Jakobson, grammairiens de la langue russe à l’époque du Cercle linguistique de Prague. Cahiers Du Centre De Linguistique Et Des Sciences Du Langage, (9), 77–89. https://doi.org/10.26034/la.cdclsl.1997.1886


Jacqueline FONTAINE, Université de Paris-VIII : «Karcevski and Jakobson, grammarians of the Russian Language in the Prague Linguistic Circle»

It is always interesting to investigate how people making statements on general principles in linguistics (always better known than their methodology) manage when they work on the concrete field of writing a grammar, where the description will necessarily reveal the choices that they have made.

A comparison between Karcevski and Jakobson, whose signatures were several times linked in linguistic manifestos at the time of the Prague Linguistic Circle, shows many convergences and divergences, in both the style and the concepts used to describe the grammar of Russian.

Such an analysis throws further light on the diversity of scope, and the autonomy of the researchers who were members of the Prague Circle.

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