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Burger, M. (2018). News from the newsroom. Cahiers Du Centre De Linguistique Et Des Sciences Du Langage, (54), 3–10.


This volume arises from a series of discussions, workshops & panels of our research network in media linguistics1. In terms of methodology, the focus is on the link between discourse studies and ethnographic approaches to news journalism practices. In terms of analysis, the researchers of the network consider both news products and newsmaking processes. The aim is to better understand how journalists work according to evidence of the “circular circulation of information” characterizing news journalism (Bourdieu 1998: 23). Put in other words, news is what (other) news media speak and write about (or don’t) (see Messner & DiStaso 2008). Our starting point for reflection is why, how, when and what is at stake with journalistic decisions and choices about news.
PDF (English)
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