Ère digitale et politique : quelle communication électorale sur facebook
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Sandré, M. (2019). Ère digitale et politique : quelle communication électorale sur facebook. Cahiers Du Centre De Linguistique Et Des Sciences Du Langage, (59), 119–139. https://doi.org/10.26034/la.cdclsl.2019.55


This article deals with digital electoral communication, for the 2017 French
presidential election. More specifically, it focuses on centre-right primary, in 2016,
and the discourses of the 7 candidates on Facebook. The study is based on
publications in the official page of each candidate. Our aim is to analyse how
political actors talk about themselves(who they are, what they are doing), about
others (how they are reacting about the news, political or not) and the way they are
requesting the fans and voters. It is shown that, today, the productions on Facebook
contribute to the global electoral communication.

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